September 11, 2014

BAYFERROX® pigments paving the way for New York City

Nesconset, NY – E & A Supply Corporation – a distributor of LANXESS – is supplying Bayferrox® pigments for the coloring of concrete. E & A Supply has been working with several city agencies and ready mix producers on major road construction projects with some new and exciting color pigments throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC. Highlights of a few projects and the colors being used:
Times Square – Dark Granite color for sidewalks used to match the adjacent Concrete Pavers.
The United Nations – Bayferrox® “NYC Landmark Gray” color for the entire sidewalk along 1st Avenue in Manhattan. Also using Bayferrox® “Onyx” for the Podium area, Onyx is an extremely intense Black Iron Oxide Pigment.
Uptown NYC DOT – Bayferrox® “Onyx” color for the Bus Stops in the Roadway along First Avenue at 79th Street & 97th Street. The color blends very well with the Dark Asphalt Roadway.
Brooklyn & The Bronx – Bayferrox® “Bus Pad Red” being used for the Express Bus Lanes Roadway. The Red shows good contrast to the Black Asphalt Roadway.
MTA Platform Construction – Broadway and Pelham lines Charcoal Gray and Safety Yellow being used.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of synthetic iron oxide pigments and with locations in Germany, Brazil and the United States, Bayferrox® pigments are ideal for coloring of concrete.
Standard packaging is in 1CY disintegrating bags, custom packaging is also available upon request.
For more information regarding EA375GP and other Bayferrox® products contact:
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